Be clear about your Problem Statement

What is the most important question that every company needs to answer?

To be clear on what problems they are solving.

They are many problems currently in the world and companies needs to be very specific and clear about their problem statement. Focus is very important here. You can’t solve all people problems with your products and services. That’s the fact.

Where to start?

By asking yourself a load of questions that will reveal the complexity of the puzzle and give you a proposition that you share with your (potential) customers.

There are the repeating questions I usually asked everyone on the coaching engagements:

  • Why type of problem customers are having? (Productivity, Revenue, Risk, Cost)
  • What is the reason this problem exist anyway?
  • What are the first symptoms of the problems?
  • Who has those problems?
  • What is the rational and emotional impact on the company/individual?
  • What is the consenquence of doing nothing?

Challenge for you.

Choose one of your products or services and try to be clear about answers to these questions. It’s not easy as it seems.

An extra challenge for you.

Try to answer these questions by imagining that your company never existed in the marketplace.