80% of objections you get could be prevented upfront

Two weeks ago I spoke with my godfather who has a safety at work technology startup and he told me that majority of objections regarding his product comes regarding that people can do the same thing by storing data in Excel or on the Google Drive.

My first questions was: what is wrong about that?

He told me how storing data in Excel or on Google Drive is dangerous, because Excel file can be easily corrupted, it’s on personal laptop/storage or can be easily stolen. On the other hand, what if we have situation where multiple people have a different version of Excels? It’s a mess! So it’s a productivity and risk problem.

He got it, put it on the slides and brought upfront on first discussions with the customers. He never got any more objections regarding that topic.

So my advice to you is:

  • If you get the same objection every single time, put it on the paper
  • Write what is dangerous about that (like putting data in Excel)
  • Write why it is important to customer (like potential risks or productivity problems)
  • Write trap questions that will defuse that objection (What if your Excel file is corrupted on someones laptop?)
  • Put it on the slide and bring it upfront to the customer

Make your life easier, not harder. Work smart not hard.

What objections you usually receive?